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Uptime Monitoring For All Of Your Online Services

We offer extensive monitoring services for online services, encompassing checks for HTTP(s), TCP, HTTP(s) Keyword, HTTP(s) Json Query, Ping, DNS Record, and SSL Certificate Expiry.

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Uptime Pages

Enhance your client connections through Uptime Pages, providing a clear insight into essential metrics and enabling your clients to stay abreast of the health of your services in real-time.


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  • 10 Monitors
  • 5 min. monitoring interval
  • 1 Status page
  • HTTP(s) monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • DNS monitoring
  • Email Notifications
  • Telegram Notifications
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24 € 20 €/mo

  • 500 Monitors
  • 30 sec. monitoring interval
  • 10 Status pages
  • HTTP(s) monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • DNS monitoring
  • Email Notifications
  • Telegram Notifications
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Monitoring Services

Website monitoring

By regularly checking HTTP(s) endpoints, we provide real-time insights into the responsiveness and status of your website. This proactive approach allows for immediate detection of potential issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless user experience.

SSL monitoring

We meticulously track SSL certificate expiry dates, providing timely alerts to ensure that your website maintains a secure and encrypted connection. By staying informed about certificate status, you can maintain the trust of your users and uphold the security of your online communications.

Port monitoring

By regularly checking the accessibility and responsiveness of specific ports, we provide crucial insights into the health of your network connections. Timely alerts enable you to address potential issues promptly, ensuring that your systems remain accessible and responsive.

Doming monitoring

Protect your online brand and reputation with our domain monitoring service. We keep a vigilant eye on the status of your domain, providing alerts for any changes or potential issues. By staying informed about domain expiration dates and ownership details, you can secure your online identity and maintain a trustworthy online presence.

Cron job monitoring

We ensure the reliable execution of your cron jobs by monitoring their status and timing. Receive timely notifications about any deviations or failures, allowing you to proactively address issues and maintain the integrity of your scheduled tasks and automated processes.

Keyword monitoring

We verify the presence of specific keywords on your web pages with our keyword monitoring service.


Email Alerts

Stay informed about critical events, updates, and alerts related to your monitored systems directly in your email inbox. Our service ensures that you receive timely and detailed alerts, allowing you to proactively address issues, track performance, and stay connected with the status of your services effortlessly.

SMS Alerts*

Keep crucial updates at your fingertips with our SMS Alert Service. Receive concise and immediate alerts directly to your mobile device, ensuring that you stay in the loop even when on the go. Our SMS service delivers the information you need in real-time, enabling swift responses and effective management of your monitored systems. (Coming soon)

Telegram Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and updates directly on the Telegram messaging platform. This service provides a secure and efficient way to stay informed about your monitored systems, delivering critical information in a chat format. Benefit from the convenience and accessibility of Telegram to respond respond promptly to alerts, ensuring you're always in control of your system status.